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Decaptacon4 weeks ago
Here's the final Line-up for 7. Metal Diver Festival 🤘
Decaptacon1 month ago
Thanks to Full Metal Brewer Radio for featuring us in their newest episode!
Beer & Metal is an unbeatable combination, so listen to their interesting Podcasts!
Cheers 🍻🍺🍺🤘
Decaptacon3 months ago
🤘 Decaptacon @ Metal Diver Festival 2020 🤘
Decaptacon3 months ago
Eine kurze Ergänzung zur Merch-Preorder (English below):
Die Sachen sind AUSSCHLIESSLICH online vorbestellbar. Es wird sie nicht auf unseren Konzerten geben.
Also wer Zipper, Caps oder Girlie Shirts haben möchte, bitte über Bandcamp bestellen! 🤘🏻


Short information regarding the merch preorder:
The items are an exclusive online preorder, there WON‘T be any of these items at our liveshows!!
So if you want to get zip-hoodies, caps or girlie shirts, please use bandcamp to place your order 🤘🏻
Decaptacon, by Decaptacon
7 track album
Decaptacon3 months ago
There's new merch!

From now on until June 23. you have the opportunity to preorder girlie shirts, zip hoodies and caps through our bandcamp store. The articles will be sent in mid-August.

Zip-Hoodies and Girlies come with the popular Ventor-Design, Snapbacks come in Black/Camouflage. A highlight for your wardrobe!

Since we went a little empty on the last show merchwise, this might be a fantastic message for you guys. So order now! 😉

Decaptacon4 months ago

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